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hmm before starting let me assure u guyz..tht all the suggestions tht follow are full proof though any damages is not the responsibility of the author!!;-)

hmm summer time...fun time! this tym 4 me...swimming tym 2!!

here follows some do's nd don'ts in a swimming pool..nd in the changing room...which wud surely help come out widout sinking self esteems!!

ohhk if u dnt swimming...jst accept it dude!!...wat follows is rather embarassing nd futile attempts to swim....bt trust me u cn survive..:-)

if u a learner...stop noticing people arnd..coz they r experts in giving u lookz tht will mke u wish tht u cud really sink in a 4 feet pool...!!stupid fellows...no pity 4 us...dnt they remember thr 1st swimming lessons!!

if ur coach tells u 2 jump into 10 feet of water depth....jst do it!!dnt whine or complain!!
coz u luk far mre stupid when u re pushed widout ur concern...nd u cum up gasping fr breath!!

nd oh...people inside pool nd people outside pool are different!!!

nd never...never...imagine those big smelly sweaty hairy bodies frm gym jumping into the pool without a shower!!

bt yeah once u're a pro...u cn surely take all ur revenges!!
ps: swimmig caps nvr help...no matter hw hard u try...u're sure 2 cum out with dripping wet hair!!

so gud luck nd enjoy...
luuckily still floating...


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