When They Met.

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I decided to work according to the way humans think I do. And bring them together after nine years. At the same crossroad. We will meet again, if Destiny permits us, they had said. Well, here I was, permitting them to meet again. Little do they know, it was never my permission they needed. I was just doing someone a favor.

There she stands. Beautiful in her own ways with dangling curls of hair and soft lips. My memory could never have done justice to her. She is right here, almost too magical to exist. We had a choice, she was right. I ruined it. I wish I never had let her go.  She is a brave girl, she will not let me enter her life again. Should I say that I still am completely in love with her..

So it was true. Spring had told me about their separation between the colors it had chosen for them to bathe in that year. Red. The colour of the passion of their love. They were a hurricane, who created their own sunshine. It's funny how people think I, Autumn, am a season of decay, wherein, my yellow is the color of their rekindling hopes and brown the stability they will find in each other.

Can I be anymore stupid to fall for him all over again. How could we have joys and sorrows so inextricably tangled even after staying apart. Hasn't changed one bit, still has no clue that the tie and the shirt doesn't go together. We had no other choice, he was right. I shouldn't have left. He will not take me back. Should I tell him I still am completely in love with him..

They collided and even I had to stop for a while to watch the magic they created together. And they say time waits for none. They are funny creatures, too scared to appear desperate. They don't even know when a bus might hit them. I would have never asked a favor, until Death told me it's on a bus right around the corner.

The reason behind this story. A drawing done by me long back.


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