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hey guyz...chhavi here
finally, FINALLY !!m writing in my first blog...aftr much of brain-storming nd futile attempts!
nw da nxt big ques arises..wat mst i write abt yaar...tht interests u?!nd me too...
i guess my first blog shud hve sum ''actual stuff'' u knw...kind of which i read aftr 20 yrs nd still feel proud abt it''see tht ws da beginning of my writing career''!!
i guess...(dnt i guess 2 mch?!!)....i need 2 ans few ques 4 nt nly u bt me too b4 i start writing sum brainy stuff!
why? well bt obvious sab hi puchege ''kyn bhai blogging kyn?'' y nt...nt everybody does tht[truth:nt everybody cn do tht;)] hmm so here it goes....
REASON 1:...i dnt i need sumwhr whr i cn express myself...u knw-wat i feel abt certain events,people things....nt everytime my mum or frndz r arnd 2 bore u knw...!
REASON 2:well i wnt a place whr wat i talk abt reaches people...nd nt jst remains another page of my journal u knw!
REASON 3:yaar i wntd 2 see...what is dis blogging?y r people crazy abt it!!
REASON 4:top secret...i think i do hve writing skillz nd wanna consider myself as a potential future u see...dis blog cn play a part in my play of destiny!!
next up-how? hw did i gt dis idea?...actually i too hve no damn idea abt it!!
maybe it was a mere co-incidence,or sum cosmic energy pushed me into dis?!who long as i hve started writing nd already u guyz r reading it!!
hmm,,nw wat?wat m i gonna write abt?
well da answer is everything...everything tht matters 2 me...da colours of life,my nation,my silly stupid problem,my volcano outbursts of emotions,my roller coaster ride of likes,my dislikes....etc will be abt me nd JUST ME!!
kz i guess thtz gud enough as my first blog...hope u guyz could reach dis line nd didnt sleep midway!
wish me luck wid dis...mayb dis cud hve millions of followers in future oops!SNAP...bck 2 reality!!

nywyz dis is me signing off...hopefully ll write in soon
keep rocking....chhavi!


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