the joy of rains!!

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ever got time to stop the world around you and enjoy the first drop of water tht falls from the sky on your skin?every drop sends a shiver down ur body, sprays joy and amazement and u breathe out a sigh of relief!with every drop you you start diving in the oceans of imaginations and dreams. with every drop u get scented with the fragnence of freshness nd hopes....with every start feeling new!!
the smell of the soil after the first rains is better thn all the scents ever devised by is intoxicating!it leaves u flying in the clouds of admiration for it's creator...
to see the green leaves dancing nd singing in the showers...makes ur heart do a little dance of it's own lost in it's ecstacies...the sparkingling stars on the petals of the blossoms leaves u searching for words to express ur dazzle!!
when comes the first rains after the summer, the parched earth opens its pores and quenches it's thirst with a hiss of esctasy...yet again renewed with life!!
the young children dancing in the rains...makes u wanna yet again become a child nd join them!!
i often stand in my balcony...watching the rains dancing,singing,shreiking in front of me...tht feeling cannot be expressed in words or these can nvr do justice in capturing my joy at tht time! i m left enchanted....lost in my own world!
i stand thr...with every drop i start flowing in the river of my thoughts...seeking answers to questions i never asked myself....diving in the possibilities...finding me yet again!!:)
drenching myself in the wat i like da best
it is truly said ''the biggest joys of the life often comes free'' ....yes these rains are what i like the they nvr fail 2 give me a ''new me'' everytime!!:)


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