my devlishly angelic sis!!

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haa sisters...whr 2 start describing them?

sisters can be da most helpful nd kind creatures on earth, loving nd supporting u,making u comfortable enough to share ur darkest of secrets.... and yet somethimes they leave u helplessly screaming....shouting...when you're trying 2 talk sense out of something nd they wnt listen nd all their angelic aura vanishes nd leaves u wondering..."is she da sme person u shared ur secret wid yesterday?!!"

such life-changing situations are very common if u're sharing ur room with a sister( i cn say so after fully experiencing it..!!)

my sister is no different as all the laws of ''how typical small sis are'' followes with her!

when ur sis is sharing room with means tht she has full right over everything in ur room...however personal they exceptions!!nd wen u try taking the sme advantage...u sooner or ltr find out...''baby!!u r at such a loss!coz she has nuthing worth interesting u!''

fighting over the smallest of things...tht includes...rubber,clothes, part of our daily routine!!sumtimes v dnt even knw what r v fighting for...yet v fight for the sake of fighting!

when living with a sis...questions like ''whr is da chocolate i bought yesterday?'' ''where is my brand new t-shirt'' ''why should i not be allowed 2 watch tv if she has her xam 2morrow?'' ....are more thn useless!!...u already knw da ans...dont' you?!:)

yeah nd....when you are in your worst of moods...u can b assured...thr will alwyz b a person who'll dare 2 piss u off even more!!..

well bt den...on a brighter note...if u're blessed with a sis...

  • u nvr ever hve 2 worry abt getting bored in da mst boring of parties...
    u nvr hve 2 worry abt being haunted by nightmares at night nd hve no hve 2 run to right in da middle of night

  • nvr hve 2 wry ''nobody's gonna compliment ur new hairstyle''...she'll b ready with a witty comment..which leaves u wondering''' one cn say nything worse thn dis"!

  • nvr will u so 2 sleep without da backgroung music abt ur sis babbling abt her day...

  • nd nvr ever...will you eat a chocolate alone again!!

bt itz just awesome...seeing ur little miniature...growing up again!

to relive ur stupidities yet again...!:)

well itz like:-

we love.we hate. we fight. we scream. we irritate.we annoy.we joke.we poke.

we cry.we laugh. we sing.we dance.we see.we chatter.we babble.we walk.we talk.

but itz alwyz WE nd trust me on dis one...itz da bst part!


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