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well tell me guyz..?!ans the following questions:-

felt frustated when during the mumbai terrorist attacks...15 terrorists shook the whole country for 3 days?!

they were able to shatter our image of an emerging SECURE developing india in just a matter of few days?!

how many lifes were lost?! may be just a number for u which u read on ever imagined the agony of those people whose world just came shattering down after tht event?!

do you really a candle is enough to pay homage to all the victims!?....

ok...leave aside these terroroist cnt do nything abt them...when it's a global issue...

those small children begging on roadsides,aged nd sick lying helpless on the streets...ever made you pity on their condition ? yes probably then wat could hve we done...there are so many in cnt go around helping everyone out!!
saw the piles of garbage..increasing rate of pollution..decreasing quality of water,air??!
felt safe nd healthy?!..i dnt think so!...but again what can we do?!...itz a major issue nd cleaning up one road wnt help out our country!!

politics!! i even need to begin?!...indian politics is a bane to democracy...nuthing can happen in this country...corruption is deep roooted...hw mny times hve we heard dis?! countless!!

we cant do aything again?!such a big system is not a joke!!
we can't do anything..what is our fault...what can be done...

m tired nw...
cnt we just stop thinking we cnt do anything nd ask ourselves...WHAT CAN BE DONE?!

india is is beautiful...has a rich heritage..a vibrant of unity in diversity...was called da golden bird...

cnt we just stop basking in our former glory...nd move ahead!!
we are always a part of this blame game--our gov is inefficient!!aree bt who is this government? it's US...!you nd me!

why is thr a need for all these ''do vote'' campaigns?!...cnt we just be responsible enough to do it ourselves?!!
ever heard a child say...''i wana b a politician!!"..yeah why nt?!!

environment?!yeah yeah we need to save it..great brainy minds are working on iut in copenhagen...who cares?!
think?..ever planted even a plant?!!..for majority the answer is NO!!(dnt lie to yourselves!!)
hw mny times did you throw a wrapper on road...thinking ''so wnt mke a difference''!!

all i am trying to say is...DO YOUR BIT!!

stop waiting for some humantarian to be born or maybe another terrorist attack!

do what you can...da rest will follow!

[hehe...dariye mat likhte likhte zyada bhawuk ho dis is what i truly believe in!
and i would be glad..if you give it a thought too!:) ]

love india...lead india!:)...da world is waiting!

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