not me...yet me!

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change is the only thing that is constant!
oh god!this was what i was reminding myself again nd again'll knw why!!
after looking myself in the mirror for the thousandth of time nd getting many encouraging-but-not-helping comments from my mon...i decided to step out of my house!
actually i jst had tried a new hair-do...nd was so very unsure of it!
trust me on this one...big decisions come so these small petty ones,which are not even worth the attention of ur scare the very hell out of you!!
feelling somewhat different i walked to my bus-stop...everything was da same...da rising sun,small puppies shivering of cold,morning walkers flooding the road..everything was the sme...yet so different!
i waited anxiously for my first reaction of my me it ws so bad tht i literaaly wantd the earth to explode open nd bury me!!...though she had a gud laugh nd me too...atleast i helped sumone start the day with a smile oh correction burst of laughter!! though am nt so excited to provide this social service again!!
well as the day continued...i realized the morning reaction was the 'mildest' of all!!jst the trailer!
all day whrvr i went i could see this 'what-the-hell-went-wrong-with-your-hair?' expression...all amazed thinking for a sec on how to react?!...some were as bad to me as they could while others tried to remain shut until i turn my back!!
though some were quite encouraging nd cute!(not to mention- polite!)
well but you know what!? i enjoyed my day!!....i liked myself in the mirror...felt something new rather thn the everyday boring me!...i luved enjoying people's sum nt so gud,sum gud reactions...i liked standing up for myself against all those stupid comments...i luved writing abt this in my blog!!
so i get everything i wntd...nd an idea(aftr fully experiencing) of who i want to remark on my future adventures/stupidities!:)
no offences meant guyz...jst read nd enjoy...nd try something new!!even if i dnt like it da next day!:p
keep shocking people

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