drought of ideas!!

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ohhk what is it with our...or rather my..creative thinking skills?!whenever i need them the most...they just vanish!!...totally!i mean..as if you hve zero talent inn this field...nd all ur previous works were just mere co-incidence...nd mercy of some divine intervention!:)

y i m writing dis..?coz dis is what is happening to me right nw!

mercy of my teachers...i m suppose to write a non-fiction prose to b submitted for sum competition!...guess what happens next?!

whole day..my mind is flooded with ideas...nd thoughts to present my flair of writing at it's best...but duuhh!!...when at night i sit 2 pen them dwn
...i m BLANK!!sat there staring all nd sundry...imagining every corner of my room as a potential inspiration...aahh....it didn't work though!all i got ws some ''you-are-so-weird'' looks frm my sis!!...

ohhk i decided to try sum typical ways to get inspired!!
no. 1-stare a candle?!...weird!ohkk trying...nd den suddenly a gust of wind blows it away!!!
my inspiring candle..da one tht ws suppose to save me!!
see i knew it...even all da cosmic energies are against me writing dis article!
no. 2-chat wid a frnd!!ohhk i was suppose to find inspiration...nt gossip abt her latest love interest!!
no.3-tv?movies?!!.. hw did i even think it wud help!!

aaah haaa...divine intervention!!
i cnt do dis!!

so instead i decided wrinting in my blog!!
nd voila...!!!i succeded!

jst hope i get past thrugh my mam 2morrow!!
as alwys..
smiling chhavi!

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