The Unspoken Words.

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Sometimes when you wonder, what went wrong??

You fail to see the answers

but deep inside your heart

you know what was that you never saw.....

Maybe it was the missing smile, which failed to tell her u've forgiven.

Maybe it was the forgotten hug, which could have reassured her that you are there.

Maybe it was the burst of ego, which stopped you from telling her how much you love her.

Or it could have been the drought of words which didnt allow u to stare into her eyes and help her find a shore.

The waves of time took it all away.....

How easily did you let it all go....

the smiles. the dreams. the hopes.

with a few words that you didnt bother to say

you broke her heart which still loved you

the autumn leaves started falling...

and while you kept waiting for the 'right moment'

the snow started falling...

leaving behind nothing...hiding the last ray of hope....

but still as you kept did she

having faith that you ll finally see the answers

which are deep hidden in your heart but still out there. :)


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