Breaking Out.

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hmm I so love changes in my life. Not.

I don't think u're aware of  how deeply and intensely I fall in love with my comfort zone!
before you start drawing out the conclusion that I am one of those who prefer to keep to their shells and not go out experience life and live to the fullest and try new things and want their boring lifes to keep rolling on and blah blah blah.....WAIT!

it's nothing of that sort! It's just that u have to break through your shell...well in my case i need a lot of hammerings and beating up from outside finally come Out!!
well why am i writing this today...because once again i was forced to leave my nice and cozy radius of comfort and measure the sides of a square!
the square was. New.Coaching.

well if you ask a polar bear to shift to thar desert, the amount of fuzzle and muzzle he'll make is nothing as compared to i did! But the only difference between me and the poor polar bear is that i 'll survive!
Yes i know it gets better with time...but you still have to go out there for the first time!!!
aarrghh....that feeling! When you enter a room full of strangers. all 40 heads staring at you.
It Sucks. Big Time.

but then the feeling that they too are with you in this...that compensates all i guess...
And i guess mostly ( you can also read rarely!! ) , new things do quickly become old! and you don't mind being the polar bear in the desert! ...but yeah sooner or later, the bear may be asked to shift to the pacific ocean floor....
till then holding on is the only choice left to you!!

still holding on!!


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