So What's Your Favourite Hmm...??

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I don't know why but as soon as people insert the word 'favorite' in their so very curious conversations to get the other person know better...i m pushed into the ocean of thought??

How exactly can someone say that 'This' and only "this' is my favorite. period.

well say for example, my favorite colour??well what to say...i like the calming ocean blue and the sun kissed yelllow. I like the bright sexy Red and the tangy and bubbly orange. i like the devlish black and the angelic white. i like the blushing pink and the melting occur. i can't choose a favorite.

my favorite song/ movie/tv show? well this answer is surely ruled by the whims of my ever so changing moods.
on a high (not, used as a figure of speech!! :p) ...the maddest beats on my so very loud speakers are on!that actually puts my neighbours down! but then who cares?!
sad and depresses...i watch pretty woman for the nth time (range of n: 25th time to infinity) and just drown myself in the fairytale mushy mushy romance of julia's laugh and richard's charm! though i must say re runs of dawson creek also isnt that bad though they are a bit on depressing side! (dawson dosen't get joey...pacey does, so actually it's pacey's creek!! arrgh)
want some humor..what better than those saas-bahu tele soaps! yes i consider them equivalent to laughter shows. and laughter shows to horror shows.

my favorite hang out place? well what to say sometimes the coolest pub seems to be an ever dragging experience where there is nothing better to do than stare at the colored lamp shades and sometime the last bench at a lecture, with ur best friend, is the most exciting place where so many dark secrets are unveiled and ur creativity comes out at its best (am talking about the teachers caricature that you draw to entertain yourself!) !

my favorite/best friend? what are we still in kgs?? how can a single person run with you to the nearest mall and devour all those new hot stuff at pantaloons and forece you to the library to study for that so very important test?! aree "har ek friend zaroori hota hai yaar!!" :-p

well so i guess these examples are enough to get my point across your now-after-reading-the-above-part-muzzled-head that....god! u get it right??!! :o

well all i can say next time someone asks you "what is your favorite......?" please do take a dive into the ocean of thoughts!
till then
Keep choosing your favorites, for they may soon change!
chhavi :)


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