Into the Wild.

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 Ohk. Mani, you finally have a place in my blog! :)
here it goes. i know you like poems with a rhyming i ve tried my level best to do follow one. but then... you re the one who is amazing at it!
As I entered the wild deprived,
I knew not how will i survive.
I went sat down beside the indifferent predator,
For this inhumane museum i surely needed a wordly curator.
She gave me sharp killing looks,
And then went back to her pile of books.
I sat there praying,
Hoping she had easier ways to deal with who she was preying.
Little did i know that nature has it ways,
For she became the reason of my wonderful days!!
The jungle was never the same,
For the two wild souls were no longer tame.
We climbed the hills of calculus,
And the view from the top was just fabulous.
We wandered in the newton's moors,
And got drenched in the 'gyan' ke pouts.
We raced into the unending co-ordinate geometry,
And dived into the ponds of organic chemistry.
We did have many elastic collisions,
But mostly they were just optical dillusions.
Oh, the journey till now has been incredible,
For my partner in the hunt is nothing but credible.
And though the journey has not yet ended,
And the darks of fears not yet faded.
I stand no longer afraid,
for I have....You Mani??! :-p

 I love you babes! Take care! :)


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