Apoorv. :)

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Him: i can play guitar, drums, tabla , harmonium blah blah.
Me: *rolling eyes and thinking to myself* shadi main band bajane wala hai kya! 
Goes up on the stage. 
Him: I can even sing.
Me: Seriously dude?!
Starts playing guitar and singing. Quite awesome-ly.
Me: Haila! yeh toh sahi main band wala nikala!

A few months later.

At 8 'o clock on a freaking cold January morning, I call a number from my home screen.

Me: Can u like just come here in 10 for this EI Labs workshop thing.?
Him: What workshop?
Me: Just some workshop I am interested in. I think you ll be too.
Him: Okay. give me 5.

Even though I am pretty sure he might ditch, he reaches there in 15 and stays throughout the day. We (me him and Shubhangi) not only had a great day but also won that thing.

Now I dont know how our relationship metamorphosed like this so very quickly. (maybe it was because he was present at every event with his DSLR clicking pictures) . But I do know that I am lucky to have him around (not just as a photographer, that part is just a small one.! )

Apoorv, thank you for all those few amazing pictures and many not so amazing pictures that you post on Facebook without my consent, for always being ready with the background music and for being the only guy who can take a shower at 8 am and come on just a call.

You are an amazing person.

Happy Birthday. :D

PS: I am still waiting for my DSLR lessons.

PPS: Oh I almost forgot YOLO. :p


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