Rotate. Fly. Dip.

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For all those who are wondering what the hell I am talking about, I am talking about the ball room dance session I recently took

Twirl around. Let your partner sweep you off your feet (literally). And then go for the perfect hollywood-y dip. 

Behind the scenes its just plain, on this beat: Rotate. Fly. Dip. (and wish your partner doesn't drop you!)

When the music was playing during the final showcase, and we were all flying, rotating and dipping on perfect beats, I couldn't help but remember all those ooouch from foot stamps and aaaaaaah from the almost dropped down on the floor people during the rehearsals!!

If you really want to know a person inside out, go to ball room dance sessions with them. Not the final dance, there obviously it will all be filmy and perfect. After a few wrong stamps with your 6 inches of heels and almost kissing floor experiences, I am pretty sure you will get a fair idea what you're heading for!!

Few things to remember if you actually make it to the final dance day with the same dancing partner you started with can be to forget all the dance moves and actually enjoy the dance. All  the leading and following of past few dance sessions will smoothly sail you through the song. Smile or rather have a good laugh when you mess up the steps or miss a dip. Click crazy enough pictures (the more the angle of dip in them, the better). Dare your date to snatch somebody else's date and pretend to act all shocked when he actually does it. Dance till the very last song and then request for the Last Dance too.

And make sure your shoe doesn't bite. Even if it doesn't matches your dress.

Tending to my sore feet,

Chhavi. :)

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