Matters Of The Grey Matter

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3:45 PM
Room No 3102, IIT Guwahati
End Semester Examination 2015
BT 101: Modern Biology

Question 9a. The bunch of nerves that connect the right cerebral hemisphere and the left cerebral hemisphere are called...... Oh yes. Oh no. Oh damn. How can I possibly forget it. How can both of my cerebral hemispheres abandon me at this time. Maybe its their vengeance for putting them through these end semester exams. End semesters are like dementors. They suck out the joy and hopes out of our magical lives here between the green forests and blue lakes. My Patronus Charm must be a book or a 6-inches stiletto I guess. I should find ways to deal with this, else I ll be merely dead hopes and dead spirits in a dead corpse.WAIT. corpse. corpse. Haaan corpus!!!

Yes it was definitely corpus something. I memorized it as C2. I just have to figure out what the other C is. Oh this will be easy. I like the letter C. C for Chhavi. C for Capricon. C for Chanel.
Oh all those Grey's Anatomy late night marathons must be a help here. That reminds me they killed our Derek. Our ( mine and Meredith's ) McDreamy. How could they.?!  Oh my Mccy. And my McSpicy with extra cheese. So long since I gorged on you. It's okay I will be home very soon. Aah, home :). Now that is a good feeling. But how will I pack my single room one year household in a few suitcases. Should I take all my clothes? No I guess not, just a few will do. Might as well give me a fair excuse to shop more. Aaah shopping. An altogether different heavenly feeling.

Same as walking down an aisle of a giant library. Or might be the same as sitting on the moon with a mojito and see the earth roll by. Or same as Da Vinci coming down to explain what he had in mind when he painted Mona Lisa while you are in Louvre. Aah Louvre, Paris. And then Rome. Dan Brown had me fall in love with it. But then he should have taken a detour from his Path of Illumination and stopped at the Colloseum. Aaah the Colloseum. Oh wait Colloseum? Callosum. CORPUS CALLOSUM!!!

My inner goddess of medicine jots it down on the answer sheet, pushes up her specs, straightens the creases of her apron and walks out of the examination hall. Like a boss. :D


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