Hostel Day 2015! :)

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Go straight from the main gate. Take the second left. Then again one left. No?
Aah Ok. Go straight from the guest house. Take a left. No again?!

Chuck. Just ask any damn person walking around where is Dhansiri Girls Hostel.
They will not only smile and tell you the way but might also be happy enough to accompany you till there. :D

Though only a year old, we have become an indeed significant area on the 703.95 acres scaled to 15 inches map of the campus. With an astounding view (I mean the lake and lush green playgrounds, you are free to interpret any other) , we stand right next to the glassy New SAC and cricket field. The main gate is one of the busiest places in the campus till 12 (yes , that's because our Cindrella gate closes on us every night) and the canteen Maggi one of the favorite dishes on the campus (though might not really be because of its taste).

Some of the obvious facts about a girls hostel are as follows. The washrooms will be full even at 7am in the morning be it summer or winters (Like, seriously?!). There is a line to do laundry. The mess-wala gets detailed description of what's wrong with the food "Bhaiya, aaj daal main kali mirch kam hai aur kuch zyada hi tez patta hai". There is always some cheesy love song playing from some room. You get to hear random snippets of gossip when you pass by people and mellifluous singing from the showers. The notices on the notice board have a longer board-life and are less filled with cartoons and caricatures. Our brand new library has more Nora Roberts and Jane Austen than coursebooks.

Now we had our Hostel day this weekend. Now an obvious question we got asked from most of the people on campus is what is the use of it in your hostel?! (Now I know you all can guess why they think we don't need it!) Well to your surprise, the present HMC (Hostel Management Committee) and the incoming HMC (which would include me) was onto it for days and the boarders had an amazing day with games, good food and great music (which may not match the 'traditional' hostel days, but still was fun! :D ) We are sorry for not inviting you. You may send your wishes and like our facebook pictures.

Go Dhanno!

Loving my stay in this white box,

Chhavi :)


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