Haan Haan, Koi Bura Ni Maanega! :D

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The season of finely powdered happiness Gulal, those syringes filled with mischievous coloured water - pichkaris and mouth watering gujiyas is back. The full moon day in the month of Phalgun. The end of winter gloom and the beginning of colourful spring.  A day where you can soak yourself in the sun kissed yellow, the tangy orange, the blushing pink, the calm blue, the alive green and the seducing red. Holi.  :D

However Holi takes a different meaning while in hostels, away from home. Its the season of grease paints and gulal paste, buckets overflowing with god knows what kind of water or is it even water, mud pits and parceled food from home having the magical ability to vanish as soon it is opened. Its the day we get off from that painfully long classes. Its the end of mid sems exam and beginning of another half season of freedom. Oh yeah its Holi. :D

The trick of surviving mass massacre of colour shots and  people high on whatever is to give them the satisfaction of colouring you like you just got out of the shower. Like even though you have layers of colour on you already, and you know one more really wnt matter, but if you act unruffled, they will find even more creative ways to ruffle you and trust me you wont like it.

The colouring and the pseudo rain dancing part are all fun. The real feel starts creeping in when you have to get back to your original colour skin. And it dosent get simpler when the water in the taps run out due to obvious reasons.

After a long day of rang and mud, you are wrapped up in your blanket and talking to your family. It is then you realize how much have you missed them. This is the price you pay for living at more than one place, you are never a whole again. Some part of you is always somewhere else. Mine was at my home today. I could smell the bright orange tasu flowers on a nearby tree which usually blooms a week before Holi. I was sitting around the bonfire and eating the best gujiyas which can only be made by my Nani. I was telling my mom "bas inna sa colour lagaugi" and clearing the way for my dad to attack from behind. I was throwing water balloons at strangers with my sister. I was missing them big time.

But then suddenly Kirthi comes with a hose and does this deepika padukone sequence from that song and I am completely drenched and screaming. And then running after her to take revenge. Yes, revenge was well taken with her rolling in mud very soon.

A very happy Holi to all of you who read till here. :)

Soaking in colours of my choice,
Chhavi :)


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