Girls Day Out.

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"I am not getting out of this bed today. even if Hugh Jackman comes knocking at my door to take me out or it starts raining chocolates outside"
"I second."
"I third."
*a minion message tune plays.*
"sale. 50% off."
"I think we can catch a ferry and be there in half an hour!"
"I second"
"I NO third!!!!!!! I NO third!!!!!!" *gets dragged out of the bed!*

And just like that a 25 words text message can beat Hugh Jackman. Now after the mid sems, this day out was much needed and much deserved too, usually the two "much"s do not sync with each other but this time they were singing in perfect harmony "Mann jaa ve…mainu shopping kara de"

 Few things that are obvious when there are only girls going out together. Loads of  pictures. Picture on ferry, picture in front of ferry. Picture waiting for the bus, on the bus. The traditional looking out of the window pose. Picture in the trial room wearing that crazy dress you will never buy. Picture in front of the hand bags and shoe section, an indication that very soon you will have a similar thing in your walk in wardrobe. oh damn, no more pictures, the mall security came to stop us.

Alizarin crimson, auburn, fuchsia and vermillion are not shades of red, they are four different colours. And trust me choosing between the four is the real task. The best section is where they let you try nailpaints and lip gloss and other stuff for free. The amount you can spend here is inversely proportional to how less efficient you were in choosing which red earlier.

Now after we managed to escape the *Lotus Casino called Pantaloons, and "I NO third" has ordered food to satisfy all her gustatory perceptions we realise that there must be a last bus to the campus and we must be on it. And noooo, the bus leaves in half an hour. But we possibly couldn't have left without hogging the sizzling chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. So yes we grab the food, hog that brownie at godspeed and run to catch the bus. Like literally run run through the crowded roads.

Only to reach there and realize the bus is still empty. oh yes "I second" checked the wrong bus schedule. The bus departs only an hour later. But it wasn't that bad as we sat there in an empty bus eating our well earned   pizza and drinking that extra coke. (yes, the waiter got confused and handed us coke twice). In fact it was one of the most awesome-est memories i have made here.

We ended the day with a Harry Potter movie marathon with nail art session which ran into early morning. The pictures of which are too crazy to upload. :)

Loving my girlfriends-for-eternity,
Chhavi. :)

*Lotus Casino- Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. In Greek Mythology, the lotus-eaters, also referred to as the lotophagi or lotophaguses, were a race of people living on an island near North America dominated by lotus plants. The lotus fruits and flowers caused timelessness and forgetfullness.

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