Here is there. There is here.

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A rambling homesick heart can be one of the most excruciating instrument to inflict on someone, better than any instrument Ramsay used on Theon Greyjoy and can make you act dumber than Sansa when she fell for Joffrey. Your happy nest of the last few months which you have gladly accepted as your 'here' now seems like the King's Landing and you would gladly undertake a journey like Arya Stark against all odds to make it 'there'. The 'there' that was always your 'here'.

I was so desperate to get back home. I packed all my stuff and when I ran out of patience, I just took a huge box and stuffed it with all that was left to be packed. I reached the airport an hour early. And when I finally saw mom, I realized I was finally 'here' . This has been the 'here'. Always. 

Oh what a place! You can sleep where you want, when you want, how you want. The rumbled clothes you leave at night, get laundered and ironed and reach your wardrobe themselves. No longer are your days planned according to the mess menu. There is an exotic multi-cuisine food service available through out the house 24/7. There is family, extended family. family you didn't know existed family and family which is not family but treated as family. All coming over and exclaiming "Kitni patli ho gayi". But something keeps lingering and whining like Cersei Lannister in the background.

And you keep wondering what is it. And some more wondering. And then FINALLY it hits you. It hits you like that large chunk of paneer floating in your dinner bowl and the melting butter on your bread. It hits you like that arrow Ygritte shot at Jon Snow, only this time it hits you right at heart. You miss the other 'here'. Its no longer the other. Its a part of your here too.

And then you realize that all the while you are here, a part of you is in the other 'here'. And that's what keep blowing fire in your rambled heart like Daenerys Targaryen's dragons. Maybe that's the price you pay for staying in more than one place by giving away a part of you like Jamie Lannister. You are never a whole again!

Getting high on Game of Throne TV Series,
Chhavi :)


  1. I'm neither here, nor there, now i'm just nowhere!!! At least a "Spoiler Alert" in the beginning could have helped!!! :|

    Just kidding... :D
    Nice post! Keep writing... :)


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