Confusions and Conclusions.

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Yaar bas woh ek question aur sahi ho jata toh 100 rank upar aati!
Mujhe CS mein interest hai, par milegi hi nahi!
Bhai, naya wala IIT ki purana wala IIT.

I am sure a majority of people reading this may have these thoughts, and many more questions, firing across their heads.  A list of numbers (ranks and marks), must be engraved in their memory by now. They must be posting that list on forums and asking any sharma ji ka beta who is in IIT or that coaching wale bhaiya jinka Google main job laga hai for advice. Their interests must be swinging every hour, being mainly defined by "CS-se-hi-highest package-ka-job-lagta-hai" to the 3 Idiots effect I-will-follow-my-passion to iska-syllabus-achcha-lag-raha!

Duh. Been There. Done That.
And survived it! :D

Going through the sudden epicenter of my Facebook notifications, the IIT-JEE COUNSELLING FORUM 2015, I was gripped by a sudden déjà vu. I happily remarked, phir se season aa gaya bhaisahab! :D

IIT, BIT, NIT, TIT, JIT or FIT. (*pun intended) Never knew the permutations and combinations of these 26 alphabets we learned so happily in nursery were gonna end up giving us sleepless nights, right?

How do we choose?

The choosing criterion can be based on what you think your 'interest' is (reading the syllabus and actually studying that thing for 4 years are two different things) or by the name of the institute ( trust me, even the best places in the world sometime might not suit your taste). So now? 

Now nothing. You smartly analyze your options. Actual options, not the rose tinted candy floss version of your options. Talk to people. All of them. Listen to them.

After all this, just sit calmly and make your own decision. Nobody will pass your papers for the next four years and live in that college campus, but you. If it goes good, be glad and count yourself lucky like I do. If it doesn't, you don't get to blame anybody, not even your own self. Shit happens. You go and figure your way out for yourself.

After all this, just lie back and hog as much of home food as possible. Your life is about to take a very twisted turn, much more twisted than that of Game of Thrones finale. I can assure you of that :D

Hope to see you soon back home (Yes, it becomes home even before you know it!)

Good luck finding your new home and family! :)

Glad that I have a college and a crazy bunch of people to call my own,
Chhavi :)

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