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Home, Food. Food, Home.

All those who are away from home and deprived of the exotic maa-k-hath-ki-daal-roti- sabzi will know what I mean. And since I have literally done nothing these last few days but gorged on the works of Philippa Gregory, seasons of White Collar and khana, I can't help my brain being a bit khana-fied when I think of people.

I have come up with this theory where (almost all) people around us can be classified into the following kinds.

Maggie log. These are your go-to people. Be it when you are starving at 4am after a long night or the stolen coffee breaks of late evening. On top of the mountains, by the waves of the beach. You have poured your hearts out during that power cut induced candle-lit dinner. The most convenient, easy to cook and eat people. And even though Maggi will be hard to find, I am sure Maggi log will still be right around the corner.

Shreekhand Log, alias Candy Floss Log. Sweet and glossy from far but sticky when approached. Though they can be a bit too extravagantly sweet on our taste buds at times but mostly are worth it. Having them around surely is a reminder of how sweet and simple life can be.

Pop corn Log. Be it any kinda movie, there is nothing a big box of pop corn cannot overcome. Giving them a sympathetic affectionate hug, you can ramble away your heart and brain and they will fill your background with whatever that the director of the movie forgot to put in the movie.
And my favorite, the Pani Puri Log. Nothing beats the thrill of eating those big stuffed overflowing rounded entities in your mouth in one go. You don't mind waiting like a beggar with a bowl to eat them. Have them as you like. Sweet. Sour.  And you can always fill them up with rum if life gets too boring. ;)

Will be needing all those log when I work out these extra calories,

Loving people and nibbling (on them)
Chhavi :)


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