Technology women-in-technology need.

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Yes, I think it's about time I let these out and stop grumbling and whining for these technological voids in my utterly monotonous life coated with drama and design in one of the best technical universities on the other side of the world of where Victoria Beckham resides.


*As you can already guess, it's going to be a long road filled with insane bumps ahead. Better hold on to your wine glasses all you folks!*
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1. Shoes that can convert from flats to heels. and then back to flats.

Be it while being a part of the organizing team of a college festival or merely an event where you can dress up and people won't ask "Is it your birthday today?". How glad we will be if we could just notch it up to heels while posing or walking on the stage and switch back to our comfy shoes while meandering around. 

*A typical situation*

2. I have often heard my guy friends complain about the discrimination when it comes to  likes and shares of a post by the fairer sex even when they don't seem to be genuine. 

A verified status from Facebook when she puts up one about any sports or a social cause or weather (mostly rains).

Saying that she does indeed follow this sport very religiously and this is not one of her another attempt to impress the guy she stalks in the library. And the rains actually made her heart break the walls of ribs and go on a little dancing date.

3. An added description of guys she gets friend requests from.

Okay, so when you were in the core canteen, like maybe a semester or two back, this was the guy in a so-bright-that-you-need-sunglasses yellow t-shirt standing with your omg-I-will-fail-dassi friend and give-me-treat-for-nothing friend. And you were just there having your coffee, preoccupied with texting.

So that the next time you come across him and even though you don't pull out your sunglasses and make a cursory smile, you don't get the "b***h you didn't accept my friend request" look.

4. An app that lets you know that no it is not the lettuce stuck in your teeth from the sub-way wrap you just had or the dress you walked in is a see through under light. It's not even you, you know. It's just that heads turn when you enter late for a meeting in a room full of guys who study in an institute with guy-girl ratio 10:1. You are bound to look out of place and sometimes out of mind.

5. A notification to all the guys in a conversation when it goes to a region when the girl feels I-was-so-much-better-not-knowing-this. Yes we can bear your scrambling over  FIFA and CS and how  using conditioner on your beard makes it softer.  But some things, just some things, pray I thee to keep to yourself?!

Writings and Illustrations By Chhavi :)


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