Street Shopping : Strategies and their Success Rate

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Streetshoping is an art. Or may be I am just exaggerating it. As a first timer (in Mumbai) in street shopping with limited bucks from my intern, some of the tried and tested strategies.

Strategy One : Act like a know-it-all I-own-Bandra Bebo
Whatever price the shopkeeper quotes, divide it by two, subtract 20% from it and start bargaining. Settle at no more than 50% of the original cost. You can even start by dividing the base by 3, you are the bebo of Bandra remember?
Dialogues to Use 
Roz ka aana jana hai boss, bahar ka samjha kya hai?
Success Rate : Depends on how good is your maths. And  on how convincing your acting is.
Strategy Two : Act like I just came to Mumbai with my VIP ka suitcase, full of hopes 
You give in to the fact that you are new. So any bargaining is purely on the basis of your worldly knowledge of your humble home town and not wrt to Mumbai. You show immense trust in his innocent intentions and basically use reverse psychology to get him to lower prices.
Dialogues to use 
“Itna ka milta hai? Pakka itna ka hi milta hai? Humare yahan toh kam ka milta hai! Thoda toh kam karo!”
Success Rate : Depends on your worldly sense to figure out his degree of innocence.  
Strategy Three : Act like you are the CEO of GGT (Give Guilt Trips)
This is where you convince him that by not reducing the prices, he is exploiting the abla-nari shopper and he certainly can be imprisoned in the chains of guilt, till he makes the next big sell. 
Dialogues to use 
"Kya bhaiya, aisa karoge ab aap? Thoda sa bhi kam nahi kar sakte mere liye?”
Success Rate : If his heart is as squeezable as the mangoes across the street, then you have a chance. Else, you have nothing to do, except walk away.


Strategy Four : Don’t give a damn and just pay him what he wants.
This is when you are either ‘phoreigner’ who is filthy rich or…you are filthy rich. If you fall in neither of the mentioned cases, you can just imagine starving children in his home and a leaking roof in black and white, wipe away that sweat from your forehead, shell those extra bucks and walk away with your shopping bags.
Dialogues to use
“Kitna” *a ridiculously high price* “Dedo.”
Success Rate : A full 101 percent.


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  1. Amazing strategies that are needed for online shopping platforms. I also run an online e-commerce store namely, and these are crucially important. Thanks for sharing!


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