Helvetica, Talking.

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*The article is inspired from the documentary Helvetica shown as part of the course Graphic Designing 101, Department of Design, IIT Guwahati, India*
The movie embodies me as a powerful ubiquitous
spirit, as if I really exist. How can a typeface be somebody, anybody in this case. Well look around, you probably interact with me just as much as you do to anybody.
You could have just ambled past the wall covered with tons of posters or gazed up longingly at the brands you would like to own. You must have hurried past me while catching a flight or searched for me when you really had to take that nature’s call.
I was just there, standing still sometimes, tilting at times to wake you up from your slumber, sometimes shouting to get your attention and sometimes just there as an added note for your
sub conscience.

They say I am neutral. They say I am like air. I am like that off white paint on the wall, sometimes smooth as a canvas to paint your thoughts on or sometimes chipped off and bothering your insecurities.
Some call me racist. For it’s not about the blacks,
its the white. My white spaces hold the blacks to stand out. They keep them from falling. Like it’s with the music, it’s not the ding or the tring but the space between the ding and the tring.
They say I have been
upto no good. Yes, for I have been used for war propaganda and those deadly tax reviews to be paid every year. But I tell them I am even on the manifestos of hope like those of UN.
I just hold on to the framework of graphic design for communication. I have no meaning of my own. Might sound hollow, but I called selfless. I take the context context wants me take.
I cannot be taught through books or lectures. I can only be learned if you are sensitive to me. While I am a language that is few people’s natural mother tongue, I speak many languages.
A good design is something that stands the test of time. I have stayed as fresh and clean as I was not intended to originally, but was demanded to over the time.

Some people do worry about me taking over as a global type monster, but stay assured I am trying to bridge what the world was, what it is now and what the world will be. I am just a beautiful font.


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