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Hello. Lets start writing Chhavi. Again.

Extremely long dragging classes. Frustrating test series and even more frustrating their results. Almost daily night outs. Juggling school and coaching. Zero social life.


Lectures, a time where you can make up for the sleep last last night and Quora updates. Daily night outs but definitely not for studies. Lake side coffee. Fest meetings. a heaven called DC++. 


Just like that our worlds changed after coming to Guwahati.

Well all those rumors about life after you clear JEE and become an IITian were true afterall. Well, most of them. (the part where they say you don’t have to study at all, were not.)

Before coming here I had all the ‘normal’ expectations one has before entering college life. A big happening campus. A big hearty friend circle. Freedom of being away from home. Bad mess food. Last night studies before exams. Etc etc.

Well little did I know that I will get more than what I gambled for. The campus is bigger than I expected, friends crazier than I could have hoped for and mess food yuckier than I imagined.

It struck me. Oh my good. It has been 124 days here. Here, between the lakes and the trees and the mountains. Here, on the other side of the Brahmaputra and away from KFC and Dominos. Here,  beside the cricket field in the white box building in my room. 124 days. Went by in a jiffy, here.

What I have I learned during my few days here. Apart from that rigid body dynamics wasn’t the end to deadly physics and you don’t get part marks in EE101.

I have learned that it takes 4 minutes from my hostel to reach lecture halls. And 45 minutes to return from there to my room. Library is not a place only for studies. Effective studies can only be done on the night before the exam. You can Google on Facebook for people.  The other hostels food and coffee is always better.

Well, I have learned the whole new meaning of ‘Jugad’. Leaving in a newly established hostel catalyzed that process. Iron, hair dryers, sticky notes are much more complex devices we give them credit for. The rate at which home made food disappears is proportional to how often you leave your room door open. Also you never lend brooms, buckets, umbrellas and your new Levis jeans to anybody.

You also realize very soon, that its okay to make a fool out of yourself trying to do something new out here. You are not spared the mockery but are given credit for at least daring to attempt. Here, your idea can be small, but it has to be all yours. And you will definitely find a ‘Bond' senior, a ‘techie’ for the technical work, a ‘kalakar’ for the posters and a few ‘velle’ log for going to city to help you out in executing your idea. Also it just takes a post on IIT current junta FB group to bring in likes and comments and RTI if you even think of a scam.

It has only been one semester here. Yet, it feels like home. I am quite sure that even after four years, I will be equally amazed at how much this campus has to offer and how talented and jugadu the people are here. 

Busy making memories for a lifetime.

Chhavi :)


  1. its the same story for every first yearites :) very nicely written (y)

  2. Whoa! It had literally everything one can put in... maza aa gaya :D


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