It's my Tan's Birthday :D

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Note: I just cannot help thinking what she will think when I do something. So, I have added her brain twigs to it too.

My darling little sister ,

Darling? Don't you have a boyfriend to do all this. Oh you don't. Sorry, go on.

You are like that snooze alarm of the early morning which just won't let me roll down and sleep with my inhibitions and fears on a wintery morning but push me over the edge and make me go swimming. 

You are the constant buzz-wizz-zuzz that comes along with the radio songs because you just won't stop blabbering, even when I have distinguishably nodded my head that yes I am sleeping.

You are my old school Doordarshan advertisement and the "Vicco turmeric, Nahi cosmetic " jingle that holds me steady to the ground and you are my "Banno with a swagger" which keeps me flying high.

You are my chatpata pani of pani puri and the vanilla scoop on my hot sizzling brownie.

Okay, so I am walking-talking-singing edible food entity. Interesting.

You have spoilt me so much that I don't even dream vividly, I just skip few parts which I know you will fill up for me. You complete me.

Never I have even imagined a life where I can go to a mall with a 'friend' and come back without standing in a McD queue to get you a burger. Neither have I ever imagined that I will twirl around in my so-very-lovely-rainbow-sunshine clothes and you won't drown me in an ocean of  Ouch-try-googling-à la mode looks. Nor I have imagined that someday. Someday. My clothes and novels will only be Mine.

Yes. That's right. Such dreams will be edited by me in black and white.

You are my blog editor. Personal shopping assistant. Relationship coach. Model for my DSLR experiments. Painting instructor. Savior of my world from sappy mushy bollywoody songs. Free supplier of what's-wrong-with-you looks. Constant reminder of the fact that I-am-so-chatak.

Oh yeah. I should get paid you know!

As many times as the number of dresses they changed in The Sex and
The City,  the number of stilettos we are gonna own and to all the 'graph' studies we plan. To all those late nights heart pouring and stalking people. To our very own world. To you and me. To us.

A Very Happy Birthday Little Sister.!!

I am supposed to go "Awwww" right?!

PS: I have just bought you an Archies card because that oh-you-will-just-draw-balloons comment of yours was so not cool. 

Okay. Sorry about that. But seriously,  balloons?!

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  1. First time I could say "Nice!" after reading :p


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